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Squash Soup
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Tempura Vegetables
Peach Yogurt Parfait
Raw Beef Steak
Sushi on Plate
Colorful Food
Poached Egg Sandwich
Quinoa Salad
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Value Card

OMG.. no more worries about walking with cash money or credit cards on the islands, it all can be solved with the  "Dushi Value Card"'s already paid for.

This Digital  Value card can be redeemed at any participating establishment on Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao and Sint Maarten. You can redeem the full amount on your card in one single use or you can redeem partially of the total amount and no extra taxes added...This Value card comes in values of $50, $100, $150, $200, $250 but if you wish to buy a card at a higher value, that is also possible. This is the perfect card for the whole family visiting the islands or for special occasions such as honeymoons, birthdays, anniversaries or a gift for a dear friend. This Value card is delivered upon check-out directly to you via email and you can save it into your digital wallet on your smartphone / device. Our system is 100% eco-friendly so no printing required.  

About us
Candlelit Wine

How It All Began

It's Amazing....

After having traveled all over the world either for business or for pleasure we have always had to book a hotel or a car before we reach our destination.

So why not also have our meals, spas, tours or any other activities pre-planned for the Islands.
And voila ......Dushi Value Card was created. 

With this card you don't need to carry cash (only for tipping) and you can use it  at all affiliated establishments on the four Islands, so far.
Because of the technology we have
nowadays, you can get your Digital Value Card immediately . You can sent a card to your loved ones or a friend in an instant.

When planning or booking your travels to these Islands, remember to include your Dushi Value Card. 
It's amazing!


Dushi Value Card Accepted Here!

Have fun on these Islands

We are proud to be affiliated with the Dushi Value Card Program

Affiliated Establishments
Image by Benjamin Rascoe


One Happy Island

Visit Aruba for the one happy Island Experience



Bon Bini na Korsou

Swim with the dolfins and visit the Colonials buildings



Divers Paradise

You wont believe your eyes..

Image by Brighton Pereira

Sint Maarten

One Island two countries

Where the Dutch meet the Frenchmen in.......


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Become a Partner
How it works
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Become an affiliated participant

Sign up your  establishment and become a participant of the Dushi Value Card Program.
Please register here :

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In the Classroom



Can I buy the value card only online ?

Yes, at the moment it is only available online.

Is the value card only available digitally ?

Yes, the value card is only digitally available.

Do I need a valid ID when using the value card ?

No, ID is not required when redeeming your value card.

Does my value card expire ?

Yes, the value card expires one year after purchase date.

Is the value card transferable ?

Yes, the value card is transferable. How ? By forwarding the original email you received from DVC, you can transfer the value card to another person. The recipient has to have the QR code so the establishment can redeem the value card.

Can someone else buy the value card for me ?

Yes, it is possible to buy a value card for someone else.  At check-out you will have that option.

What is the maximum amount I can purchase on my value card ?

The maximum amount is $5000. For higher value option please contact customer service at

How does the redeeming of my value card happen ?

The Redemption of the value card happens immediately, it is a real-time transaction.

Do I have to pay additional  taxes when redeeming my value card on the Islands ?

Any amount redeemed from the value card is non-taxable. Any balance resulting of your consumption exceeding the value of the card will have local taxes added.

How do I check my balance ?

1 - You can check your balance at any affiliated establishment on the Islands.

2 - visit the Dushi Value Card website and click on the check your value card balance tab .

Is this value card only available for Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, and Sint Maarten ?

At the moment yes. Please follow our blog for future developments for other islands.

What if I delete my value card by accident ?

You need to sent an email to or call customer service  +1-305-909-1909 or
call +297-567-8022

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